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Waste of time really, we posted this video because we shot it but this chick has to be the worse dick sucker we have ever met in our lives. Have you ever fucked a chicks mouth or got a blow job and it was so bad you just wanted her to stop and go home? Well here she is, we fucked her throat even though she annoyed the shit out of us. About the only worth while thing she did was swallow our loads and even that was lame! | Tiny | Video Length 16:37 | 48 Photos |
This 19 year old beauty has a mouth to die for, she works across the street at Subway and she's always bitching about how shitty the pay is. We made her offer she couldn't refuse, before you knew she was on her knees taking 9 inches down her throat effortlessly. Not often you meet a girl who can take a big black dick down her throat with force and keep going. | Nuvo | Video Length 14:10 | 56 Photos |

This girl is one of the best throat fucker/dick suckers we have ever come across. Shake can take 9 inches of dick down her throat with ease. She sucked Rico's balls and licks his ass clean! Rico fucks her face and shoots his entire load down her throat, she swallows and keeps going even after the cameras stops rolling.

| Dyme | Video Length 21:04 | 40 Photos |

Dyme is a sexy redbone we've shot a few times in the past but she was in for a surprise when we asked her to do a shoot. We started off rough, Dyme gagged on our new guy's dick so bad she damn near passed out, she begged us to take it easy on her. We decided to be nice but boy did we have a surprise for her. I know she hates cum in her mouth so I had him drop his entire load down her throat without expecting it, when you see the look on her face you will pass out in laughter. | Little Ma| Video Length 13:16 | 85 Photos |

WE met this big boob girl when she was coming out of the aid office, we realized as soon as she started talking she didn't have it all together. Its annoying to listen to someone ramble about bullshit because they wont get off their ass and go get a fucking job. We decided to offer her a job which consisted of her getting on her knees and taking 2 big dicks down her throat until we shot our loads all over her face, now she really has something to complain about.
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