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Have you ever had your salad tossed? DO you know what having your salad tossed is? WE do:) Tiff is a ghetto girl from the hood thats down for any thing especially when weed and alcohol is involved. She got more then she bargained for, we love it when they underestimate the size of our dicks! WE held her head down with 9 inches deep down her throat until she begged tus to stop, she sucked our assholes until we shot loads of warm cum down her throat. | Wett | Video Length 18:43 | 63 Photos |
This chick actually came by our office sliding those stupid promotional flyers under our door for some pizza place opening up in the area so we knew she was broke. She was making 20 bucks for this crap on a day where it was 98% outside, we asked her if she would like to make more then that and she jumped at the opportunity. WE walked her back to our garage and destroyed her, fucked her throat until she started bitching and then we fucked it some more. She slurped up our loads and we sent her on her way. | Ebony | Video Length 19:18 | 77 Photos |
Freaky church girl that loves big black dick! This is a big girl and has some big fucking tits as well, 48DDD. She wanted to get her face fucked so we set it up. WE kept slamming our dicks down her throat and she never tapped out, she did eventually want to stop but we wouldn't let her, she was a tough one but we put her in her fucking place and made her finish the damn job! She got her throat fucked until she swallowed every drop of our loads! | Gia | Video Length 25:05 | 71 Photos |
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